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LiberAqua mini is a portable water filter that allows you to drink basically any water.

LiberAqua mini filters out 99.99999% of bacteria and parasites as well as 99.99% of microplastics, sludge, sand and turbidity, making basically any water drinkable.

LiberAqua mini, unlike other portable water filters, also removes odor and taste. This is due to a unique and innovative combination of two filtration methods.

One filter is enough for between 1000-2000 litres, which is about 3-4 years of clean drinking water.

So ensure you and your family's access to clean water with LiberAqua mini, the world's most portable water filter.

Liberaqua mini

kr449.00 Regular Price
kr349.00Sale Price
  • LiberAqua mini protects against:

    99.999999% of bacteria

    99.999% of parasites

    99.999% of microplastics, silt, sand and turbidity

    Holds up to 500 gal | 2,000 L (the filter will stop letting water flow through when it has reached the end of its life!)

    Pore size: 0.1 micron

    Removes odor and taste

LiberAqua mini

LiberAqua mini is a portable water filter that allows you to drink basically any water. The filter is screwed onto a regular PET bottle.

Filters out


99.99999% of bacteria


99.99999% of parasites


99.99% of microplastics



99.99% of silt sand and turbidity


Carbon filter that removes odor and taste

Environmentally friendly design

LiberAqua mini is largely made from recycled plastic. Polylactide which is a naturally degradable, thermoplastic, aliphatic polyester made from renewable resources. Corn starch or cane sugar are common raw materials in the manufacturing process

Swedish made

LiberAqua mini is manufactured in Sweden by CleanWater, which is a Swedish company that was initially a UF company. CleanWater is run by young innovative entrepreneurs who have the goal of making clean water available to everyone.

Long service life

LiberAqua mini has a lifespan of approx. 2000 litres!

You don't have to worry about your access to clean water for the next 2-4 years!

After the service life is used up, water will no longer pass through the filter.

If the user manual is followed, the LiberAqua mini can be stored even when not in constant use.

Advanced Technology

LiberAqua mini is largely manufactured using food-safe 3d printing. The details are made in food grade PLA and are also covered with a thin layer of food safe epoxy to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting between the layers.

Ensure your and your family's safety with LiberAqua mini

When you can use Liberaqua mini

LiberAqua mini is a personal water filter that is meant to be used by one person. Save money by purchasing a multi-filter package for your loved ones.



LiberAqua mini is popular with hikers who want to save space in their pack and want to be able to drink safe and good water wherever they are.



Bad tap water on holiday? Fill a PET bottle and screw on the LiberAqua mini and you will save money on buying water.



Hunters appreciate LiberAqua mini, therefore LiberAqua mini is available in hunting stores near you!

water leak.jpg

Water leak

Has there been a water leak in your city? Don't worry you can still drink the water with LiberAqua mini.



LiberAqua mini is perfect for the emergency box as you know that there is access to clean water in 2000 liters whenever you need it.

summer cottage.jpg

Bad water in the summer cottage

Fill a bottle with LiberAqua mini and drink anyway!

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