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At CleanWater, our mission is simple: to make clean drinking water available to everyone, no matter where they are. We believe everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing their water is safe to drink, and our portable water filtration technology makes this possible. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, hiker or prepper, CleanWater has what you need.


CEO and founder

Sanel got the idea about CleanWater as a high school student and first founded the UF company CleanWater UF.

Edvin Stenlund Jansson

Product developer


Edvin is the first member of the company after its foundation and is always looking for new ways to develop the product.

About us

Sanel Hurem

       More about us

We are a former UF company that started with an idea to manufacture water filters and then we continued with that idea and today we stand here with the current product Liberaqua mini.

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